christmas tree inside home

Tree Care

With Just a little bit of care, your tree will serve as the centerpiece of your Christmas!


1.) Remove Tree from Box. (Even if you are not putting it up right away. The tree can remain in the twine.) It’s also recommended to cut the box starting from the corner in a straight line. This is more efficient than pulling the tree out of the box.

2.) If you are not putting your tree in the stand within 24 hours, please store your tree somewhere that the temperature is below 5 degrees F. (If you live in a cold climate, leaving it outside works great. Other suggestions are a garage or AC basement. Easier to store and put up when the tree is still in the twine.) Keep out of sun!

3.) Fresh Cut. Prior to putting the tree in water: please cut ½ inch or more from the trunk of the tree within 2 hours of putting the tree in water.(If trees are not cut prior to placing in water, the trunk forms a seal from the sap, they might not drink enough water, and dry out faster. Although all of our trees are freshly cut prior to shipment, this step is very important. For Christmas Trees to stay fresh and drink plenty of water, they should be cut again prior to placing in water.)

4.) Maintain water in tree stand. (Do not let your stand run out of water or the tree will dry out. The first few days the tree drinks the most water.)

5.) Remove the netting and enjoy the sight of your beautiful Christmas Tree. It’s recommended to let the tree expand to its full width before decorating. Estimated time before decorating is 8-10 hours.

To ensure the safety of your home, family, and tree in the upcoming holiday season, please follow the steps below:

1.) Before you decorate your tree, check all electric lights and connections.

2.) Do not overload circuits.

3.) Turn off all decorations before you leave home or retire for the night.

4.) Miniature lights reduces the drying effect on the tree.

christmas tree close up photo
christmas tree saw on the farm