Who We Are

Our family owned and operated Christmas Tree Business has been trusted for 42 years. Our trees come directly from the farm in Ham Nord Quebec. Our distribution center and Christmas Tree lots are located in MA. We have two retail locations in Reading, MA and Tewksbury, MA. We sell various products at our stores that keep us open year round such as Flowers, Ice Cream, Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Poinsettias, Kissing Balls, Garland Etc. Our Trees are shipped in wax sealed cartons to trap moisture and keep them fresh. We proudly guarantee that you will receive a fresh, full Christmas tree delivered to your door.

The Journey So Far

In the year 1980 when I was 20 years old, early on a brisk Valentine’s day morning, I borrowed 50 dollars from my mother. I used the money to buy roses in bulk and sat on a bucket outside of a convenient store and sold them by the dozen. I doubled my money and paid back my mother that night.

A few years later I opened my first retail flower location in Arlington, MA. I experimented with numerous products to allow my business to survive throughout the year. Eventually I discovered the perfect combination: Flowers, Ice Cream, and Christmas Trees.

I named my franchise 'Dandi Lyons' which I've managed and operated with my wife for 41 years. My two sons grew up in this business and opened our online store Christmas Trees in the Mail in 2017. We now sell and deliver a Christmas tree to every state each year.

"There is no better business strategy than a satisfied customer. "- Michael Lyons

Christmas Trees in the Mail

As consumers continue to shift to purchasing goods online we are thrilled that we put together a successful formula that allows us to ship our products. We have excellent trees that are hand sheared and hand selected. Our trees are tightly, securely, and safely baled in twine. We use an electronic winch to pull the wrapped tree into a specialized carton that keeps them fresh and protected. All of our products are shipped with UPS and Fed Ex and shipped accordingly so they arrive on time on your selected delivery window. Christmas Trees in the Mail allows everyone in the U.S. to have access to beautiful, premium quality Christmas Trees, and have them delivered right to your door step.

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