Farm to Family Room Timeline

  • After 6-12 years of growth (depending on size) our trees are harvested from the field.
  • Our trees are graded, selected, and cut. We cut trees weekly starting mid November.
  • They are loaded onto full size trailers and delivered to our distribution center in Tewksbury, MA. Same day delivery.
  • We get our fresh cut trees delivered to our center every few days.
christmas tree boxes

  • Each tree is once again quality checked and hand selected to meet each customers needs. (Size, shape, type etc.)
  • The trees are individually baled (equipment that compresses them in twine to protect branches and fit in boxes) and boxed (in specialized wax sealed carton to trap moisture and keep fresh).
  • We fulfil and ship orders daily. We target and ship according to transit times so the trees arrive on the customers' selected delivery date.
  • Trees are delivered to your door via our shipping partners Fed Ex & UPS.

Videos From Farm

Videos From Distribution Center