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Real Christmas Trees Delivered 6 Foot Premium Balsam Fir Christmas Tree
Christmas Trees in the Mail
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Christmas Trees in the Mail
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Christmas Trees Online Order
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Real Christmas Trees Delivered 6 Foot Premium Balsam Fir Christmas Tree
Real Christmas Trees Delivered 6 Foot Premium Balsam Fir Christmas Tree

Real Christmas Trees Delivered 6 Foot Premium Balsam Fir Christmas Tree

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  • Premium Balsam Fir Properties: Strong fragrance, firm branches, long lasting needles, fullness.
  • Our Trees are freshly cut and harvested from our farm in Ham-Nord (Quebec). Hand sheared and hand picked to assure we send the best trees to our customers. 
  • We guarantee that your tree will be thriving on Christmas. If it does not arrive at your door in the same condition it left our farm, we will send you a free replacement. 
  • Our 6 foot trees have been growing in the field for an average of 10 years!
  • FREE SHIPPING! A tracking number will be sent from Fed Ex prior to Shipment. Shipped to your doorstep in Specialized Wax Sealed Cartons to keep the trees fresh and protected.
  • If you need a hole drilled in the trunk, please email us this request after placing order!

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        Customer Reviews

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        Vladislav Inozemtsev
        Not a good experience

        The tree came after a long journey, with its peak broken. No smell at all, up to 1/4 of its nails fallen after three days in the apartment. Quite a difference from 2019. Will refrain from further orders

        Em Kromer
        Fabulous Tree for 2021!

        The tree arrived on time and was perfect. At first I worried it would be dry – but I was wrong! The hole drilled in the trunk made setting up the tree a snap. The tree smells great. I’ll order again next year.

        Mary Johnson
        Misshapen tree that dropped tons of needles.

        First and foremost, my rating would have been much higher if this company didn’t ghost an unhappy customer and especially if they honored their “guarantee”.

        My tree was a very odd shape and dry needles poured off of it from the beginning. It was mostly full and smelled nice, but it resembled something more like a soft serve ice cream cone than a Christmas tree. I immediately contacted Christmas Trees in the Mail to let them know. I got the run around about how the tree’s upper branches just hadn’t “dropped” yet and that it would have a nice shape and retain its needles in 24 hours. Well, 24 hours passed and its shape didn’t change and needles still rained down whenever it was touched. So, I was told to wait 2 more days, make sure it was drinking water and surely it’s shape would change. Didn’t happen. Then he said to take it outside and thump it up and down on the stump and gently push the upper branches down. This didn’t help either. Again I was told to wait & the tree’s shape would change. I waited & watered it diligently, but it never magically became a shapely tree that retained its needles. I did everything that I was advised to do by the gentleman I communicated with and was polite in my correspondence. Sadly, my last email has gone unanswered since the Tuesday before Christmas.

        I’d advise against using this company unless you have no other options. Get your tree from Williams Sonoma instead. Order it early. If you’re too late, due to the cost of the trees from this company, just get a fake tree for Christmas emergencies instead. It will at least be tree shaped instead of lump shaped and it won’t drop needles like crazy.

        James Durek

        I love it. All my dinner guests at Christmas thought it was a great tree.
        I ordered it last year, this year and I certainly will again.
        I got the balsam fir and plan to stay with that.

        Dry tree

        Really disappointed, the tree dropped tons of needles from Day 1, even though it was in water. Didn’t seem like a fresh tree at all. Also was missing a center part on one side.