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Christmas Trees in the Mail

Real Christmas Trees Delivered 7 Foot Premium Fraser Fir

Real Christmas Trees Delivered 7 Foot Premium Fraser Fir

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  •  Premium Fraser Fir Properties: Excellent Needle Retention, Firm Strong thick branches for heavy ornaments, fullness, and beautiful blue-green needles. Longest lasting tree breed. 
  • Limited Supply. This is our second year selling Fraser Firs. We only grow balsams and hybrids, but the Frasers come from a farm in Vermont called Bishop Farm, and farm in Quebec called Valfei. Both are incredible growers, best on the market, and we are excited to be in the Fraser business and ship these across the country.
  • We guarantee that your tree will be thriving on Christmas. If it does not arrive at your door in the same condition it left our farm, we will send you a free replacement. 
  • Our 7 foot trees have been growing in the field for an average of 12 years!
  • FREE SHIPPING * ($14.99 surcharge only to Zone 8/Westcoast states: CA,OR,WA,ID,NV,UT,AZ,MT,WY,CO,NM,TX) A tracking number will be sent from Fed Ex prior to Shipment. Delivered to your doorstep protected in a carton. 
  • If you need a hole drilled in the trunk (for spiked stands), please email us this request after placing order!
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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 10 reviews
            Kimberly Rubio
            I was worried but i'm so glad i ordered, 24 trees in my 24 yr old life and this ones the best

            I ordered this tree online and i was a bit worried , I hadn't heard of this website but I took the chance, and now I WILL BE BUYYING this year again, it was great just waiting for the package in the mail instead of having to try to find a way to lug it home. It arrived in a lonnnnggg box, well wrapped, with some loose needles ( only gripe but understandable) it was extreemly fresh and lasted well into the new year, i'd say it had a lifespan of 5-8 weeks , 3-4 being max peak health, remember to spritz it and water it daily. I will order again! It's liget!!!!

            Bridget Carlson
            Best tree ever

            Great service. Gorgeous tree!! Will definitely order again

            The best tree ever

            I’m a Christmas tree snob. I admit. I wish I could include pics so you can see the 11 ft tree I had in Budapest, which took up half the living room, or the live one we had in Prague. Nothing like Carpathian woods to get amazing trees. Until I discovered Real Christmas Trees. I used to order from Mountain Star Farms when the kids were little but they don’t deliver anymore. This year I got a 7ft Fraser fir delivered fresh by FedEx, and it is magnificent. It is fresher than anything you can buy at the pop up tree sales, you can tell from the sap that it was cut only recently. It also drinks a lot of water, another sign of freshness. The whole house smells like Fraser fir, the tree is very full and perfectly straight and it was a breeze to get it in the house and up into the stand, still in the box. FedEx let me down and said it “out for delivery” only to not show up (happens a lot on cape cod) and Mike from Real Christmas Trees was very responsive, followed up with FedEx, and my tree showed up the next day (still in the window I had selected, 18-20 Dec). Order with confidence, you will get a lovely Christmas tree.

            Ann Mendro
            Beautiful tree

            Our tree is holding up so nicely! The shape is just right as is the fullness. Thanks!

            Pamela R.
            The most beautiful tree ever!

            I took the chance and ordered a tree this year. It was the best decision. The tree is beautiful and so fresh. It took a few days for the branches to open up after being shipped, but now that it is open, the branches are full and just beautiful. Thank you!