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Real Christmas Trees Delivered 4 Foot Premium Balsam Fir Christmas Tree

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  • Balsam Fir Properties: Strong fragrance, firm branches, long lasting needles, fullness. 
  • Our Trees are freshly cut and harvested from our farm in Ham-Nord (Quebec). Hand sheared and hand picked to assure we send the best trees to our customers.
  • We guarantee that your tree will be thriving on Christmas. If it does not arrive at your door in the same condition it left our farm, we will send you a free replacement.
  • Our 4 foot trees have been growing in the field for 5 years!
  • FREE SHIPPING * ($14.99 surcharge to Zone 8/Westcoast states: CA,OR,WA,ID,NV,UT,AZ,MT,WY,CO,NM,TX) A tracking number will be sent from Fed Ex prior to Shipment. Delivered to your doorstep protected in a carton.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ann from NJ
    Best Gift Ever!

    My parents recently moved to Florida from NJ and my mom was missing Christmas in the Northeast. When I asked if she got a tree, she was very sad and said that they couldn't get a fresh tree in Florida. We always had a real tree and never celebrated a Christmas without one. I was determined to get her one, I found Real Christmas Trees online and immediately ordered one for them. They were over the moon with they're real tree and all the neighbors came over to see it. One even commented that it couldn't be real, it was so perfect. My mom's favorite part was the smell, she said it was so fresh! Will definitely be sending one every year. Thanks, Real Christmas Tree!

    Louise Kiesling
    Freshest tree my family has ever had!!! So happy!!!

    I am so grateful for having found this Christmas tree supplier. Family tradition has always been to set up our tree on Christmas Eve, (Santa brings it with the toys and other gifts), and the children are surprised on Christmas morning! While there are not as many small children as in the past, tradition is hard to break. We do try to maintain our tree until February 2nd. Again tradition uses this date as the "official" end of the Christmas season. We do make the most of the Advent and Christmas seasons!!!

    In the past, and I am 70 years old, the tree has often had to come down way before January ends, due to a possible fire hazard. The tree I purchased this year, is still standing and being lit during dinner, without reservation, and I foresee it staying this way for the next 9 days and I could not be happier.

    The whole ordering and delivery process was simple, the tree perfectly shaped and sized and the customer service excellent. Yes, because of an error on my part, I had the chance to speak with Mike and I must say he was not only pleasant but understanding.

    I will purchase again for sure and recommend this supplier to everyone interested in a live Christmas tree and some current artificial tree owners. I can't thank you enough!!!!

    Hope H Berg

    Our tree arrived exactly on time. It is so beautiful and full. After 10 days, it is still beautiful. I did follow
    the directions enclosed. Thank you, Mike.

    Scott L Davis
    Terrific Tannenbaum Transported Two Weeks Ago!!

    It's thrilling awaiting for a Christmas Tree to be sent home! This one is perfect: fresh, perfect size, & fragrant enough to build the holiday spirit even more. Thank you! Scott


    The tree was great and the customer support was outstanding!