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Unlimited Referrals 

15 per Referral

Refer a Friend
Get Cash Back

Email or Text us your name and the name of the customer you referred and earn $15.

Txt: 978 886 9287

Thank You For Being A Loyal Customer

Many ways to redeem. We can credit your past or future order $15 per referral. We can send you $ through Venmo or apple pay. We could even attach a 10 and a 5 dollar bill to your Christmas tree! We appreciate the trust you put in us to spread the word to your family and friends!  

Rules: 1.) The person you refer must be a new customer who has never placed an order before.

2.) You can refer an unlimited amount of people. You will get paid per customer that you referred. (10 customers = $150)

3.) The customer you refer must place an order for a Christmas tree or wreath.



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