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Our Story

Our family owned and operated Christmas Tree business has been trusted for 37 years.

In the year 1980, early on a brisk Valentine’s day morning, a 20 year old man borrowed 50 dollars from his mother. He used the money to buy roses in bulk and sat on a bucket outside of a convenient store where he sold them by the dozen. He doubled his money and paid back his mother that night.

A few years later he opened his first retail flower location in Arlington, MA. He experimented with numerous products to allow his business to flourish throughout the year. Eventually he discovered the perfect combination: Flowers, Ice Cream, and Christmas Trees.

We have two retail locations located in Tewksbury, MA and North Reading, MA and work closely with a farm located in Ham-Nord Quebec. The Christmas Season is our busiest time of year. We sell trees, wreaths, flowers, kissing balls, etc. at our retail locations, online, and at a wholesale level.

The business is operated by the owner, his wife, two sons, and two dogs. We are all passionate about the business and especially look forward to this time of year.

Merry Christmas,

From the Lyons family.