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Inside Look

Our farmers work year round to ensure we provide the best possible trees on the market. During this time we monitor for weeds, fertilitiy issues, and pests. The climate in Quebec is ideal for trees and allows them to thrive. Our trees are also hand shared and trimmed. A full, fresh, symmetrical Christmas Tree is our final product.

These videos were taken in November, 2020 and uploaded to the website August, 2021.


We understand that ordering a Christmas Tree online is a lot different than picking one out in person. This is why we hand select all of our mail order Christmas Trees. Our mail order trees are all premiums containing the tree qualities all consumers are looking for. Any trees that don't have perfect shape are sold on our tree lots for customers to decide upon. We build trust, retain our customers, and receive excellent feedback for our hard work.


Christmas Tree Selected for Shipment..

All of our trees are shipped within 1 week of being cut. This ensures that they arrive to your doorstep fresh.

From Nov. 18th to Dec. 20th, Fed Ex and UPS stop by every evening to pick up our trees for shipment. The boxes are wax sealed to trap moisture and keep them fresh. A Christmas tree survives in a carton for 8 days. The longest transit time is CA which is 5 days..


Our trees are cut and sorted at our farm in Ham Nord Quebec. They are netted and separated by trees that will be shipped in the mail and trees that will be sold at our tree lots.

Next, they are delivered to our distribution center in MA. It's a 5 hour transit time, and each trucks fit approximately 900 trees.

Once the trees arrive, they get hand selected a second time by our staff to ensure there is no brown, busted limbs, or poor shape. After selection, the trees are put into a baler to get wrapped even tighter. This protects the limbs during transit and allows them to slide into our wax sealed cartons.

All of our trees are fresh cut. This is accomplished by the volume that we sell. They are cut at the farm and immediately sent to our distribution center. Then they are immedtiely sorted, boxed, and prepared for delivery. Within a few days all of our trees are in transit to customers. We consistently cut new trees and this process starts all over again.

If you have any questions or requests please reach out via email or telephone. If you have a special request we will happily take care of it. (Extra fat or skinny, drill a hole in bottom of stump etc.)